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Services to support your research & training

We offer a range of consulting, on-line and in-person training courses, and CRO services. Utilizing our in-depth expertise and industry-leading know-how, and equipped with our advanced software and hardware tools, we look forward to supporting you in your most challenging FTMS developments and applications.

Advanced boutique CRO for protein (mAb) analysis


  • Advanced and proprietary mass spectrometry solutions for mAb
    analysis, including complex multi-specific mAbs and ADCs/AOCs
  • Superior quality data due to our proprietary methods and techniques
    for Orbitrap FTMS, powered by our custom biopharma software tools
  • Integration of intact mass, middle-up, middle-down, top-down, and
    bottom-up mass spectrometry approaches
  • Personalized follow-up and dedicated customer support

Diagnostics of FTMS instruments & workflows


  • Identify the strengths and limitations of your FTMS platforms
  • Understand millisecond-timescale logistics of your experiments
  • Explore ultra-high resolution capabilities
  • Improve and expand your workflows
  • Advance your most challenging applications

FTMS Education

  • In addition to our on-demand on-line training programs, we offer advanced studies and a short course on “FTMS Fundamentals and Data Processing”
  • The Short Course teaches and discusses current best practices and knowledge in FTMS (with an emphasis on Orbitrap FTMS fundamentals and FTMS data processing)
  • The Course program mixes lectures, practical workshops, and hands-on problem solving
  • The Course is designed for FTMS end-users in academic and industrial analytical departments. It is best suited for small groups (5-20 participants). On-site and On-line options are available


Prof. Dr. Gianluca Giorgi

Professor at the University of Siena, Italy – September 2022


«The workshop FTMS data processing and data simulation given by dr Yury Tsybin at the 1st Course of the International School on Mass Spectrometry (Erice, Italy), September 25 -30, 2022) was a great experience! Spectroswiss offered full license of the FTMS Simulator to the students so they could make simulations by themselves with their laptops/PCs and actively interact with the tutor. All of them were really enthusiast of this interactive experience!

A follow-up on-line school session offered by Spectroswiss was also very useful for the students to acquire much more practice with the FTMS Simulator under the expert guidance of the tutor.»

Dr. Laure Menin

Leader of the MS Service Platform at EPFL, Switzerland – May 2021


«Thank you for this wonderful training course which has gone far beyond our expectations. We really should have done it before. I think all FT-MS users should follow it to deepen their knowledge and better understand what is behind the experimental signals.
The course has covered many fields, from fundamentals to applications, and we learned a lot. The various exercises proposed allowed us to better understand the parameters and specifications of different instruments. I am sure we’ll find many user-oriented projects that will benefit from it in the near future.»

PD Dr habil. Davide Bleiner

Head of the Advanced Analytical Technologies at Empa, Switzerland – October 2020


«When I first proposed Yury and his team to summarize all the vast knowledge on the field of FT-MS, I expected either a «Mmmh, difficult…» or a bread-and-butter basics refresher. The program I have got to read and follow was so detailed and complete that it solved two problems in one shot: get my students a booster on the field and give me whole lotta ideas for research. Indeed, the nightmare for every lecturer, «how do I excite the smartest ones in the audience, while not losing the slower ones?» is fantastically overcome in these classes.

I have always been wondering why instrument manufacturers are not providing «knowledge transfer» as a service to their customers. Spectroswiss does it, and you will understand why: they care about your research and your success. I hope they will invite me every time they give one, because I am sure of it: it is so customized to you, that is never the same!»