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Hardware tools for FTMS data acquisition & processing

The Challenge

Maximize FTMS Information Output

Most Fourier transform mass spectrometers (FTMS) provide only processed and noise reduced data (mass spectra).
The availability of the true raw data (FTMS transients) allows for the most efficient data processing. Our hardware (FTMS Booster) and software (Peak-by-Peak) products provide transient access and processing for any FTMS instrument on the market enabling a step change in FTMS data quality and processing sophistication, helping you to take on the most complex and challenging applications.


FTMS Booster X2

For OrbitrapTM transient acquisition

  • Easy add-on to any OrbitrapTM
  • Works in parallel with FTMS manufacturer data acquisition
  • Open file format of output data
  • Unlocks absorption mode FT
  • Full transient detection for enhanced sensitivity, resolution, and duty cycle
  • Detection of signals from all ions contributing to the signal (full m/z range)
  • Enables ultra-high resolution capability
  • Maximizes sensitivity by acquiring two transients at a time, with different gains
  • Allows transparent post-processing, data validation and re-analysis
  • Rapid data transfer for measurements of large data sets and high duty cycles
  • High-capacity (4TB) fast SSD buffer

FTMS Booster X3

For FT-ICR MS transient acquisition

  • All capabilities of FTMS Booster X2 technology
  • Easy add-on to any FT-ICR MS instrument
  • Acquisition of both excite and detect waveforms in FT-ICR MS
  • Uniquely enables in-hardware absorption mode FT (aFT) for FT-ICR MS
  • Powerful on-board data processing
  • High-capacity (16 TB) fast SSD buffer for extended duration measurement campaigns for both ICR and OrbitrapTM


Key Features

Enable artеfact-free transient recording

  • Phased transient acquisition (enabling FT in true absorption mode)
  • Аrtefact-free ion signal detection (such as phase function dispersion)
  • Detect all ions contributing to time-domain ion signal (wider m/z range)
  • Improved detection of low abundant ions (quantitation accuracy)
  • Data-dependent transient amplification prior to digitization
  • Provide (save) phased transients for post-processing (any file size)

Enhance flexibility of experiment design

  • Reveal experiment logistics: visualize AGC pre-scans & full detection periods
  • Enable acquisition of extra-long transients: full ion detection time
  • Maximize duty cycle: ion detection during MS/MS events (ETD, UVPD, etc.)


Allied hardware and software products
and components employed in Spectroswiss products

Electronics modules

PXIe Amplifier


  • PXIe Amplifier: a low noise amplifier
  • A single input & 4 outputs with diverse gains: x1, x1, x10, x10
  • Designed and produced in Switzerland

LABVIEW Software Tools

(Network Notifier, Network Queue, Agent)

Graphics engine for GUI

Fourier transform processing of any size
time-domain data (transients)