June 2017

Spectroswiss will present the latest scientific and technological achievements in the field of FTMS data processing and fundamentals at the upcoming annual ASMS meeting in Indianapolis, USA. In addition to the 4 talks (!) and 5 posters which we author or co-author, you are most welcome to discover our software and hardware products at the Exhibition Booth 710 during the whole event.

March 2017

Spectroswiss presented its latest developments in software and hardware-enhanced solutions for FTMS data processing at the annual ArabLab exhibition in Dubai. The focus was made on petroleomics (see the dedicated brochure) and anti-doping analysis.

February 2017

Spectroswiss, together with the colleagues from the Consortium for Top-Down Proteomics, is coordinating the Pilot Study for Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies.

August 2016

Our CEO, Dr. Yury Tsybin, received the prestigious Curt Brunnée Award of the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation (IMSF) and delivered a plenary lecture at the 21st International Mass Spectrometry Conference (IMSC) in Toronto, Canada.

June 2016

Spectroswiss presented the latest developments in data acquisition electronics and advanced signal processing for advancing the most challenging FTMS applications at the annual ASMS Conference, San Antonio, TX. You can read more on these advances in brochures on FTMS Booster X1 technology applied to Orbitrap FTMS or FT-ICR MS platforms. Our technical posters described fundamentals of advanced data acquisition in FTMS and application of FTMS Booster X1 for leveraging multiplexed protein quantitation.

April 2016

Spectroswiss launches a high-performance data acquisition system FTMS Booster X1 and allied signal processing and data analysis software Peak by Peak™ at the 12th European FTMS Workshop in Matera, Italy.

February 2016

Our CEO, Dr. Yury Tsybin, has received the prestigious Curt Brunnée Award of the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation (IMSF) “For outstanding contributions to the development of instrumentation for high-resolution and tandem mass spectrometry.”  The award ceremony and lecture will take place during the 21st International Mass Spectrometry Conference (IMSC) in Toronto, Canada during the week of August 21, 2016.

September 2015

Spectroswiss advanced data acquisition and signal processing technologies for improving FTMS performance and applications were presented in a plenary talk at the "Top-Down Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics" meeting of the EU COST-Action in Barcelona, 21-22 September 2015

May 31 - June 4

Spectroswiss technologies will be presented at the 63rd ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics in Saint-Louis, MO. Welcome for in-depth discussions in Lindell Hospitality Suite on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings

May 2015

Job opening at Spectroswiss:
We are looking for an outstanding FTMS Scientist/Engineer (see job offer)

April 2015

Spectroswiss patented mass analyzer for FT-ICR MS was presented in a talk at the 10th North-American FTMS Conference, Key West, FL


Spectroswiss signal processing technologies were presented in a plenary talk at Proteomic Forum 2015 in Berlin


Spectroswiss is selected as a new member of the National Instruments Swiss Start-Up Program


A peer-reviewed paper about our patented ion trap for FT-ICR MS is published in the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry


Our CEO presented fundamentals of Spectroswiss technology in a plenary talk at the German Mass Spectrometry Society conference

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